Pressing containers,,s.r.o.

Product Description:, s.r.o. manufactures, services and repairs hydraulic and screw pressing containers and presses for waste. Pressing containers and presses for waste are used to reduce the amount of waste for easier handling and its cheaper storage, transportation.

Other information:

Pressing containers are screw or hydraulic pressing machines with a container that help reduce the cost of transportation and storage of waste. Pressing containers press household waste such as PET bottles, PAP, plastic, food scraps - municipal waste. They can save up to 60% of cost.


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Company Head Office:,s.r.o.
Kelčany 67
696 49

Czech Republic


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Lucie Dvořáková

Tel.: +420 518 625 067
Fax: +420 518 625 067

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english, german
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Petr Dvořák

Tel.: +420 518 625 067
Fax: +420 518 625 070

language Used:
english, russian
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Pressing containers Pressing containers Pressing containers Pressing containers Pressing containers


Product Name: Pressing containers
Country of Origin: Czech Republic Payment Terms: cash, invoice
Production Amount: Without limitations Minimum Delivery Amount: According to agreement
Unit Price: according to the current pricelist
Quality, Safety Certification: CE, ISO 9011, ČSN 73 2601, State Testing Institute
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